Marian’s last visit to the village was in early March 2020 as the world descended into the COVID crisis so you can imagine she was chomping at the bit to get back out there. She finally got that chance 20 months later when restrictions were eased – what a visit it was! It was fantastic seeing the children again, the smiles behind the covid masks were as heart warming as ever!

The main focus of the trip was refurbishing the classrooms and building a staff room and teacher’s office to make sure we were compliant with Kenya’s education regulations.

Our projects aiming to build a sustainable self-funding future for the school were going well, key highlights include:

Dairy farm project: our original 2 cows has now grown to 2 cows, a bull, 2 calves and another calf on the way.  Fantastic steps forward to enable the school committee to one day fund the costs of the school themselves.

Small business loans: interest-free loans were given to local villagers to fund activity that will generate employment and income for them. One loan resulted in the opening of a small shop, helping to support 4 individuals and their families.

Adult classes: literacy and numeracy lessons continue to be provided free of charge by our headmistress. The passing of the end of term exams were a huge achievement for the students – a massive well done to them and we wish them luck with their ongoing learning!

If you would like to support with all the work we’re doing please donate¬†, fundraise or volunteer your time to raise awareness. We would love you to get involved.

Marian’s November 2021 visit