Before and after

Since day one, we have been putting your money to good use; we try to control the use of every penny! As a contact in Kenya said, (and perhaps not realising he was quoting Lenin): “Trust is good; control is better”.
We try not to fall into the trap of doing things in haste, only to repent at leisure!

We have started, with Matti and the Elders (and the Chief’s wholehearted commitment),  a full census so that we can predict better future demands and help the School and Community committees to plan for the future (hence the school foundations! (See below and Current and Future projects!)

But waiting for the full census isn’t stopping things from getting done.

Here’s some of our latest news…

With your help these are some examples of what the villagers have achieved and will build on in the future but first of all this is “the before”!

The school as it was until mid-2010:

An earthen floor with only the barest essentials, undernourished children, no play and almost no teaching aids but fortunately with an enthusiastic but un-trained teacher!

This is the school now (and soon to be expanded: Please see Jim’s Objectives for his next visit):

Built and equipped mainly by the villagers it has brightly painted desks and chairs, learning aids, school uniforms and cheerful children.

Alongside it now, are the cookhouse with proper facilities for cooking and storage and the foundations ready for the school’s expansion in 2012.

The old school was used as a cookhouse shelter for almost a year until we funded and helped build this brand new cookhouse…please note Jim’s bench: the Musungu needed a more comfortable place to rest than squatting!


Hubble, bubble, toil but no trouble: Belowis Claris with her new cook- pot but in the old school building.

Below the children enjoy their meal and the new school!


After their Christmas Holiday, the children returned to find a secure, fenced-in play area.

A better diet

Before the second visit of Jim and Marian, the children had only a bowl of simple maize-based gruel: no vegetables or fruit. Now the children have a healthy diet, additional vegetables and of course what they call “Fruity Fridays” link here
Soon the diet will be improved again as we plan to introduce more vegetables and fruit into the daily diet.

The teacher’s and children’s success

Our teacher enrolled on the teaching skills programme and her additional skills and her enthusiasm are already bearing fruit as illustrated by the recent examination results. Now seventeen more children can read and write so they are qualified to go to the state school

Adult education

Fatuma, the teacher, and at her own initiative but following early census returns, has started adult literacy classes.


After a school holiday, the children returned to discover that the school had a chemical latrine, which in addition to the improvements made, gained the school formal approval from the Department of Education. It is isolated from the school itself. (See below)


The latrine was the first in the village and essential for good hygiene and the health of the children but we are helping to develop more in the village and area: indeed the first additional latrines were built and opened in February 2012 in the Market square (which means that now the market can be licensed and developed!)

Water pipe connected to the village

Getting a direct supply of potable (drinking) water was close to the villagers’ and our hearts.

We thought it would be difficult to achieve before late-2011: but it was achieved almost a year earlier thanks to quicker fundraising and Jim’s neat negotiation with the Water Authorities; but above all because of the hard work of the villagers who, to get the installation so quickly, dug a trench for the pipeline of almost three kilometres in length so the Water Company would lay and connect the pipe!



At last the first water is drawn but only after strenuous efforts. A celebration followed and Matti has a much deserved rest! The women (but not Jim and the other men) are wearing examples of their colourful materials.

Soon we will be helping to develop irrigation and water storage facilities. Please also see: Water at Last!

Health and Welfare

Often the children and their elders had difficulty getting medical support and guidance regarding general welfare etc. So we are doing what we can for example:

Getting Birth and Medical certificates

We fund the cost of obtaining birth certificates and medical certificates initially for the children but also for parental identity cards. Without them medical and other facilities can’t be obtained.

The Nurse

We are funding basic medications and a nurse to visit every fortnight for the benefit of all but especially to make sure the children get regular check-ups!

The First Poultry Farm

Matti and friends have started an experimental chicken farm mainly for eggs. Initially only 12 hens and a cockerel but we hope that this will be the first of many.