They call them Fruity Fridays

The young ones decided to call them “Fruity Fridays” which they chant in excitement. Friday is the day the children adore: that’s the day Matti visits the nearest market town to buy bananas and oranges and whatever is in season. Soon, of course, once the latrines are finished we hope he can shop at what will be the village’s own official market!

Whenever possible he buys fresh vegetables to add to the daily gruel and our intention is to progressively improve the diet of the school children and others.

In Europe and the US, we take fresh fruit and vegetables for granted (although many of us try to avoid “five a day”).

Before we began those Friday visits, the children at the school and in the village were lucky to see, let alone eat, fresh fruit and veg!

Despite being in Kenya they are hundreds of miles from the richness of the Rift valley. The rains come but provide only a brief period in which the sparse and miserable maize crops can grow. One of our priorities is to help improve irrigation but until the days when the village is genuinely self-sufficient and healthy we wish to do what we can to give the children the diet they deserve.

Can you help?

Please can you help us to improve the diet of the children in the school and increasingly elsewhere?

For as little as £2 a month you can help a child to get a healthier diet and contribute towards the irrigation and fresh water projects.

Please donate and persuade your friends and family to support this cause … remember that if anyone is a taxpayer it helps us even more if they volunteer Gift Aid.

Thanks for your help!