How you can help

£2 per month will feed a child
£2 per month will provide extra fruit and vegetables for the children
£3 per month will feed and educate a child
£5 will buy a chicken
£5 will buy a school uniform
£20 will buy a school desk

Could you fund-raise on our behalf, give us fundraising ideas – for example donate money, your time, goods to be sold?

Contact us

If you wish to contact us, please use any of the following (although the main activities are identified,  all below will action any requests):

Marian Ewen (Operations and Treasurer)

11 York Road, Bourne, PE10 0ZF

Tel: +44 (0)7714 194 496

Alex Bell (Secretary)

Stook House, 10 Searson Close, Tallington, Stamford PE9 4RF. UK
(This is also the formal registered address of the Trust)

Tel: +44 (0)1780  749 444