The villagers meet regularly and through the newly formed School and Community committees, new projects are suggested in which the Trust can assist: these are increasing the number of projects initially envisaged.

But should anything give genuine benefit for the children and community we try to do what we can.

In fact, to date we’ve exceeded our wildest expectations and now we hope to be of further help in and around the Three Hills and the village of Neema Nguuni. See our next visit and Before and After.

Above all we want to continue to encourage and assist the villagers’ objectives   for education and welfare whilst helping self-sufficiency.

Please help us to help the villagers by donating what you can.

  • We will plan and support longer term expansion of the nursery; also help resource sporting and leisure activities for all, including the creation of more safe and where appropriate enclosed play and sports areas for all of the children and adults
  • We will support more adult literacy initiatives.
  • We will recruit another teacher and continue teacher training.
  • We will help to encourage and develop irrigation projects like water vats, drums and channels to gather rainwater in the brief rainy season.
  • As required, we will help to improve sanitation in other parts of the village and district including helping build latrines and increase water availability.
  • We will continue to arrange for Medical and Birth Certificates for the children and I.Ds. for adults enabling access to State facilities including further schooling.
  • Although the State has created an accessible clinic in the district, we will continue the provision of  medical support and guidance.
  • We will continue to encourage adult involvement in the school and its facilities and in the development of projects that the villagers desire to improve the health and welfare of the village.
  • We are encouraging the creation of a Community workshop and shop, so that their craft skills can be developed and promoted; this we and the villagers hope will make the community more self-sufficient.

But as always: “one hill at a time”.