Jim visited the village in early March 2012 and again with Marian in November.

He was armed with some funds, uniforms and other equipment and the boundless enthusiasm of the children and older villagers and of course himself! We also have substantial returns from the census.

Among the tasks he set himself following briefing from the School and Community Committees were:

  • building the new school extension(which is doubling in size following the census); refurbishing the existing building and equipping the new with painted benches, desks, boards and other teaching and sports equipment.
  • recruit and arrange training for an additional teacher
  • establish requirements for school facilities, clothing, and sports equipment etc. including for older children in the village
  • establish requirements for adult literacy courses and education
  • audit the school’s accounts and establish budgets following the expansion
  • hold meetings with local authorities and experts, arranging water vats and storage and beginning irrigation channels
  • visit the local state school and teachers to learn from them and ensure we meet their requirements and improve the teaching and facilities at the Nursery school
  • ensuring the Market Square latrines are finished and discussing future requirements for latrines. Concurrently to offer any useful assistance in establishing the market itself
  • reviewing the chicken farm and helping build and stock others
  • hold meetings with the Chief and Elders, the Committees, the visiting nurse and medical suppliers
  • review the census returns

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