But more must be done.

The lack of water is always a major problem in the region but at last clean, potable water has been piped to the village. It was a priority and was achieved much earlier than expected…thanks to the Community Spirit and very hard work of the villagers.

Now there is a definite benefit to health and well-being and soon we hope that will be improved as water storage channels and vats are built and maintained (the villagers’ and our major priority along with the school expansion!)

The water pipe means that the villagers (that means the women!) no longer have a round trip of six kilometres carrying vessels on their heads. Already more time is available for more projects and to pursue crafts or perhaps just to play or take a well-earned rest!

To save a considerable sum and get the supply months earlier, the villagers dug the three kilometre long ditch in which to lay the pipe.


The working party included the men and women (some with infants on their back).No one is frightened of hard work and no one will shirk supporting the next water project and connected.

The pipe was laid and connected (regrettably with a water meter!)


The joy is shared by all: it was time for the celebration and an impromptu party!

The fulfilment of their dream of the water pipe would never have happened without the villagers’ enthusiasm and your help!