Early photographs showed children who didn’t seem to enjoy life but soon it became apparent that in part it was because of the environment and the lack of facilities of the school and village.

A few games, a tyre-based swing, various balls and of course skipping ropes are just a few of the things we’ve helped to provide. The older children benefit we hope from more balls and football kit.


Last year Nickson and Noah  proudly displayed  their new shirts  in front of the new school; Nickson recently  instigated and formed a football team, and above he and most of his team-mates pose in their new kit. Both Nickson and Noah  have  grown a lot in the last year;that’s Nickson in the middle of the back row and Noah is in the middle in the front.

The new play area and  now regular outings add  to the  children’s opportunities. It is difficult to believe that until we helped, most children  had never seen the sea and none had seen a camel or a giraffe yet they live only a few  miles from the sea and the nearest safari parks!


Above is  one of the new attractions in the play-area and also the childen taking their first swim in the sea; also below are  the first camel they’ve seen(and that is on their first visit to the seaside) and the first giraffe they’ve seen and on their first visit to a small safari park (We apologise for the poor picture quality).


Without being over ambitious we hope to give the children more outings to a beach or to see other parts of their heritage.

If you can supply or help fund sports kit, games or a trip or have suggestions on what could be informative but above all enjoyable, please let us know.