When Marian and Jim first visited the village, the school was a shack and they learnt a few months later that it had been almost entirely destroyed during a freak storm in the all too brief rainy season.

Now the rebuilt shack is used as the cookhouse providing the children’s daily meal and we’ve funded a soundly-built replacement.

The school was rebuilt during Marian and Jim’s second visit with Jim and some of the villagers helping the builders. This one won’t be damaged in the storms!

Before, the children sat on the mud floor and had almost no learning aids; the teacher was willing but untrained, if tired the children slept on some ancient matting; the only floor covering; they rarely played.

Some of the parents were desperate for change but how could it be achieved?

As is always the case anywhere, some wanted to do something, some just complained and some did not seem to care. Fortunately with our help, those who wanted to improve things (and now all); knew that something could and now is being done (See The Village).

Part of the project is to help improve education and welfare: to do this we are helping to get recognition from the Kenya Education Department and we are funding chemical latrines initially for the school.

New nursery school open