The “Brilliant Barclays” are the Best!

Well, that’s what the Trustees think of our magnificent eight: Fran, Aimee, Louise, Steve, Alan, Hannah, Anna & Suzanne. Fit and healthy and blister free but this is the start.

In order above are: Francesca Hampton, Louise Ireland, Aimee Connolly, Alan Lock, Anna Simpson, Suzanne Wilson, Hannah Cowley, Steve Hollander

These are genuine stars and all from Barclays Retail Banking HR proving yet again that our younger generation want to help improve our world.

Their selflessness and enthusiasm helped them to conquer not only their blisters but also the 25.5 miles, 3 Peaks and 6,500ft aka the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge!

Victory for our Champions!

Their efforts and the generosity of their friends, matched by the generosity of Barclays Bank has raised over £7,000.
That’s about the same raised in the last year which was used to build the school and latrine, begin training the teacher, register the school, feed and clothe the children etc.

Now we know we can help more of the village children and their parents sooner than we expected. Soon we can complete the census, build a workshop and medical centre and probably expand the school. Three cheers and a big “Thankyou” to Barclays and their HR stars!

Three Peaks for Three Hills!