February 2011

We’re putting your money to good use and we’re controlling the use of every penny…

We can’t and won’t fall into the trap of doing things in haste, only to repent at leisure!

But that does not stop us from getting things done.

Here’s some of our latest news…

We have been busy and these are just some of the achievements that your support has helped, and will continue to help, the villagers to achieve.

The school

This was the school until mid 2010:

An earthen floor with almost only the barest essentials. Now rebuilt, it provides shelter for cooking and meals.

This is the school today:

Built and equipped mainly by the villagers it has brightly painted, desks and chairs, learning aids, school uniforms and cheerful children.

See “New school opened”

The first latrine

After the last school holidays, the children returned to discover that the school has a Chemical Latrine.
It is the first in the village and essential for good hygiene and the health of the kids; eventually we will help to develop more in the village and area.

After their Christmas Holiday, they will return to a secure fenced-in play area   See “The latrine”.

The teacher’s and children’s success

Our teacher enrolled on the teaching skills programme and her additional skills and her enthusiasm are already bearing fruit as illustrated by the recent examination results. Now seventeen more children can read and write so they are qualified to go to the state school

Water pipe connected to the village

Getting a direct supply of potable water was close to the villagers’ and our hearts. We thought it would be difficult to achieve until mid 2011. In fact successful fundraising, neat negotiating from Jim but above all the hard work of the children’s parents and friends who dug  a trench for the pipeline of almost three kilometres in length.

See “Water, water”

At last the first water is drawn!

Latest from the village – before and after