Water, water is not everywhere but clean, potable water is piped at last to the village.

It was a priority and it has been achieved much earlier than we expected…thanks to the Community Spirit in the village.

Now there is a definite benefit to health and well-being.

Now the villagers (the women!) don’t have a round trip of six kilometres carrying vessels on their heads. Already time is available to pursue crafts, play or just take a well-earned rest!

To save a considerable sum and get the supply months earlier, the villagers dug the three kilometre long ditch in which to lay the pipe. The working party included the men and women (some with infants on their back).

The pipe was laid and connected.

Unfortunately the plumber installs the water meter!

The  joy is shared by all.

First with the proof that the connection is made and the village’s first can is filled.

Jim the Musungu decided that the hard work should be rewarded and to the amusement of the villagers cooked his special meatballs and Bolognese sauce: to everyone’s relief the meal was devoured with gusto and pleasure.

Everyone’s success demanded a celebration and an impromptu party began!

The fulfilment of their dream of the water pipe would never have happened without the villagers’ enthusiasm and your help!

Now for the Clinic…

Water, water