Children from our school feed into two local primary schools. We want to find out if we can support them through partnership working with the Kenyan Schools Improvement project (KENSIP), the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) and Action Aid.

KENSIP have already donated a little equipment to our school, so we had a contact with them already.

We met with the staff from the primary schools and it seems like their main need is for desks and toilets – pretty basic stuff!

We’ll be continuing to talk to other groups. As a small charity working in Kenya, we cannot do everything, but working jointly, we could make a lot more happen than we can fund ourselves.

One practical example is happening already. We will be supporting another school for children aged three to six or seven run by a local man. It’s about five miles from our school and provides mainly for children of lone parents and for orphans.

Would you be willing to give a small donation to help us with this vital school work?

Meetings with our local primary schools