We continued to make lots of good contacts during our last visit. We want to work closely with other groups to achieve more in the area.

As Marian says: “we want to support people in our area to access more of the funding and help that is already available”. An example of this is the Constituency Development Fund run by the Kenyan Government.

This fund targets area of need and works with local people to improve local facilities such as providing a new health centre. However, the local people themselves have to approach the fund, and help manage the project.

We hope to assist people in and around the village to get involved with this. With a little of our time, and perhaps a tiny bit of funding, we may be able to kick-start a much bigger process, that we no longer need to be involved in.

To this end, we’ve been speaking with Action Aid. They are trying to get local people to for committees and to get involved with the Government-funding projects. The hope of all is that local involvement will improve the chance of projects being successful. And there may be a role for us to help with this too.

Partnerships and research – more from our November visit