The trust has funded two small chicken farms in operation that helps provide income for the community. We hope this will become a self-sustaining business.

The first farm was started during our visit in March 2012 on land opposite the school, and women in the community have formed a small group to run the farm.

A hybrid ‘super’ rooster has been purchased and should breed with the 12 local hens to improve the offspring and give stronger, healthier birds to develop the farm stock.

Eggs are expensive in Kenya. A tray of 30 eggs can fetch 600 Shillings, and with average wages – if you have a job – around 125 Shillings a day, can be a real boost to incomes.

We started a second farm in November 2012, this time about three to four miles from the school. Initial reports back from Neema Nguuni are excellent.

Would you like to support us to aid more local people to start businesses?

Small business support is not chicken feed