Small business support is not chicken feed

The trust has funded two small chicken farms in operation that helps provide income for the community. We hope this will become a self-sustaining business.

The first farm was started during our visit in March 2012 on land opposite the school, and women in the community have formed a small group to run the farm.

A hybrid ‘super’ . . . → Read More: Small business support is not chicken feed

College training for our staff

We are funding our new teacher’s college training to teach at primary level.

We now have two teachers – Fatuma Maulida and Milca Ogweno.

Milca  is currently trained at nursery level – and will work with our younger children.

By helping Milca to train we help in a small way to improve the skills of Kenya’s teachers. This also . . . → Read More: College training for our staff

Upgrading school facilities

As well as the new classroom, we’ve built two extra latrines for the extra children.

The busy road nearby has always been a worry for parents, so we’ve fenced off the area around the school to make it safer and more secure.

Rural areas of Kenya can suffer from water shortages outside the rainy season. We are now . . . → Read More: Upgrading school facilities

We double the size of our school

An extra 45 children living around Neema Nguuni can now start school thanks to the efforts of our fantastic sponsors.

We’ve employed another teacher and built a new classroom, so a total of 90 children are getting a great start in life.

As Jim says: “this is what the community asked for” – planning for the new class . . . → Read More: We double the size of our school

Plumbs peak to raise over £12,500

Twenty two guys and girls from Plumbs Furniture Covers successfully completed the National Three Peaks Challenge on 24th and 25th of May.  They raised over £12,500 for projects in Kenya supported by the Three Hills Action Trust (THAT). Continue reading Plumbs peak to raise over £12,500

Plumbs help us raise funds

We are very grateful to Plumbs Ltd – the loose cover, reupholstery and curtain people – for their support with our work.

Update – by February 2013, Plumbs have raised £12,500.

They are helping to draw attention to the charity and raise funds for the trust.  It’s been great to see so many staff keen to help in . . . → Read More: Plumbs help us raise funds

Three Peaks for Three Hills!

The “Brilliant Barclays” are the Best!

Well, that’s what the Trustees think of our magnificent eight: Fran, Aimee, Louise, Steve, Alan, Hannah, Anna & Suzanne. Fit and healthy and blister free but this is the start.

In order above are: Francesca Hampton, Louise Ireland, Aimee Connolly, Alan Lock, Anna Simpson, Suzanne Wilson, Hannah Cowley, Steve Hollander

These are genuine . . . → Read More: Three Peaks for Three Hills!

Latest from the village – before and after

February 2011

We’re putting your money to good use and we’re controlling the use of every penny…

We can’t and won’t fall into the trap of doing things in haste, only to repent at leisure!

But that does not stop us from getting things done.

Here’s some of our latest news…

We have been busy and these are just some of . . . → Read More: Latest from the village – before and after

Water, water

Water, water is not everywhere but clean, potable water is piped at last to the village.

It was a priority and it has been achieved much earlier than we expected…thanks to the Community Spirit in the village.

Now there is a definite benefit to health and well-being.

Now the villagers (the women!) don’t have a round trip of six . . . → Read More: Water, water

First the Safari Park but now the beach

We can be very naïve and make assumptions that just because this is Africa then all African children will have seen their indigenous animals.

Unfortunately this is not the case and despite living an hour’s drive from a Safari Park, the children had never seen a giraffe and other animals.

Your generosity helps us to arrange the occasional . . . → Read More: First the Safari Park but now the beach

Video on YouTube

. . . → Read More: Video on YouTube

Aged 13 and Maggie is a star!

Thank you Maggie!

We can’t express properly our feelings and gratitude to 13-year old Maggie from Eye near Peterborough.

She had heard of our work and looked up our earliest efforts at a Website and decided to do something to help.

She downloaded information and photos, made a presentation, searched her home and begged goods from friends and headed . . . → Read More: Aged 13 and Maggie is a star!

New nursery school open

When Marian and Jim first visited the village, the school was a shack and they learnt a few months later that it had been almost entirely destroyed during a freak storm in the all too brief rainy season.

Now the rebuilt shack is used as the cookhouse providing the children’s daily meal and we’ve funded . . . → Read More: New nursery school open